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Esophagus Venous Drainage

(A) Inferior thyroid vein (B) Internal jugular vein (C) Subclavian vein (D) Thoracic duct (E) Left brachiocephalic vein (F) Right brachiocephalic vein (G) Superior vena cava (H) Right superior intercostal vein (I) Left superior intercostal vein (J) Esophageal veins (plexus) (K) Esophagus (L) Azygos vein (M) Junction of accessory hemi-azygos and azygos veins (N) Accessory hemi-azygos vein (O) Hemi-azygos vein (1) Hepatic veins (2) inferior vena cava (3) Hepatic portal vein (4) Left gastric vein (5) Esophageal branches of left gastric vein (6) Left inferior phrenic veins (7) Splenic vein (8) Inferior mesenteric vein (9) Left renal vein (10) Omental (epiploic) veins (11) Left gastro-omental (gastro-epiploic) veins (12) Superior mesenteric vein (13) Right gastro-omental (gastro-epiploic) veins (14) Short gastric veins (15) Right gastric vein (16) Right renal vein

Image inspired by Netter’s Anatomy Place 234

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