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Upper Respiratory System Overview

The Ol Answers:
(A) Frontal sinus (B) Sphenoid sinus (C) Superior nasal concha (D) Middle nasal concha (E) Inferior nasal concha (F) Superior meatus (G) Middle meatus (H) Inferior meatus (I) Vestibule (J) Guard hairs (K) Hard palate (L) Upper lip (M) Tongue (N) Mandible (O) Vocal cord (P) Larynx (Q) Trachea (R) Esophagus (S1) Nasopharyx (S2) Oropharynx (S3) Laryngopharynx (T) Epiglottis (U) Lingual tonsil (V) Palatine tonsil (W) Uvula (X) Auditory tube (Y) Pharyngeal tonsil (Z) Posterior nares
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