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Lymphatic Drainage of Lungs

The ol’ answers:  (A) paratracheal nodes (B) Inferior deep cervical node (C) Right internal jugular vein (D) Right subclavian lymphatic trunk (E) Right brachiomediastinal trunk (F) Superior tracheo-bronchial nodes (G) Bronchopulmonary (hilar node) (H) Pulmonary nodes (I) Subpleural lymphatic plexus (J) Interlobular lymphatic vessels (K) Inferior tracheo-bronchial nodes (L) Bronchopulmonary nodes (M) Pulmonary nodes (N) Aortic arch node (O) left bronchomediastinal trunk (P) left internal jugular vein (RED ARROW) Drainage from the superior lobe (GREEN ARROW) Drainage from the right lung and left inferior lobe

Being poked in the eye is the trachea’s least favorite pastime, especially when it’s by a lymph node!

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