2 thoughts on “Bronchial Veins

  1. Hi there, Love your drawings. I believe the accessory hemiazygous should be draining into the azygous vein and not the SVC. Also, the azygous system should also be posterior to the bronchus .
    Love your work however.



    1. Hi Portia!

      Thank you so much for the feedback, you’re absolutely right, in the rush of trying to get it posted out for that week I forgot to put the translucent layer over the top of the veins to put them posterior to the bronchus. Also the labels probably weren’t in the best position so I have adjusted them as well. I’ve also tried to make the azygous vein more connected to the accessory hemiazygous vein. I’ll be posting the adjusted image today. Also thank you so much for your support, it makes me so happy to see people enjoying my drawings 🙂

      Kind regards

      The Comical Anatomist

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