The Comical Anatomist Story

For as long as I can remember, I have always drawn cartoons.

I was the girl at the back of the classroom drawing on my assignments instead of completing them.

My lack of regard for academia continued well into high school until my final year, when I figured I should probably start working if I wanted to secure my place in a good arts school and make my dream of becoming a cartoonist a reality.

So that was the start of my journey! I set out on improving my grades and becoming a model student (well, by my standards anyway…)

Any who! Firstly, I started by attempting to rectify my worst subject, HUMAN BIOLOGY! Just scraping through with a stellar 51% in 11th grade, I had a long way to go if I wanted to achieve my new found academic dreams! By some odd twist of fate, I had been assigned to the same teacher I had the year before (I’m sure she was thrilled to see me).  None the less I was a changed gal! I was going to show her what I was really made of!

Although my new-found enthusiasm for human biology was met with a hint of apathy and apprehension (to be honest that was probably well deserved) I was determined to prove that I could do it! I was going to turn that 51 into an 81!

However, I definitely had my work cut out for me. Being a visual learner, the standard model of rote learning anatomy didn’t really work for me, so to make the experience of learning all of this anatomy fun, I started turning the organs into cartoon super heroes (long live well-balanced diet man and pee making man!)

These silly drawings worked! And they landed me on an 86% grade on my final human biology exam!

By this point in time, I was at a cross roads. All of those dreams of becoming a cartoonist had slowly been eroded by the art teachers I had at the time who repeatedly told me that I couldn’t draw, cartoons weren’t art and that I was wasting my time being in art class.

So, as I reflected on what direction I wanted to take, with human biology now being my best subject (seriously, who. Would. Have. Thought) I decided that I didn’t want to venture down the path of becoming a starving artist, so I settled on the road most traveled and enrolled in a health science degree which eventually led me to becoming a Podiatrist.

If you have ever studied a science or medical degree you know how insanely intense your timetable is. For 6 years I had a very restricted life of study, study and more study with a sporadic sprinkling of social interaction. All of this study had eaten up any time I would have otherwise had to draw. My number 1 priority at that time of my life was getting through university and trying to do my best so that I could become a good Podiatrist when I graduated.

When I did eventually graduate, something strange happened. The yearning to create comics came back (and with a vengeance!). It was all I could think about! I couldn’t escape this overwhelming sense of dread that I had chosen the safe path, instead of taking a risk and following my dreams.  Honestly, those few couple of years after graduation were some of the most confusing and conflicting times I have ever experienced.

I enjoyed and still enjoy being a Podiatrist and getting to help people, and I had studied so hard that I didn’t want to waste all that I had learned, but at the same time, I knew in my heart that I should be creating comics and I had a deep yearning for bringing joy and happiness into the lives of others.

Then on a surprisingly fateful day, as I was cleaning out my old notes, I rediscovered those silly little anatomy men that had once helped me become an anatomy wizard.

It was a literal light bulb moment (DING!). What if I could combine all of that knowledge I had learned on my undoubtedly long-winded journey, with my cartoons so that I could create a resource that could help others who are struggling to learn anatomy. What if I could make people smile and distract them from their exam related anxiety and stress. If I could achieve this, and combine two things I love to create a resource that could help someone achieve their dreams, then all of the sacrifice, the long nights studying and nights at home after work drawing until my hand cramps would all be worth it.

It was then and there that I decided no matter what, my mission would be to help you in your journey to becoming whatever you want to be, whether it’s a doctor, nurse, health professional or scientist. I’m here to make you laugh on the days you want to cry. I’m here to give you hope when you want to give up and the comics will be here as a constant reminder that anything is possible if you work hard and persevere. You can be anything you want to be in this life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The Comical Anatomist is here to help you on your way to making your dreams a reality.

So, there you have it! That’s pretty much the story of how The Comical Anatomist came to be!